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Doray The Peacemaker promotes peace through "Dora: The Explorer" idea

A group of youth advocating for peace in the Philippines have come up with their peace project dubbed, "Doray: The Peacemaker." The name of the puppet show is closely related to a popular show called "Dora: The Explorer," the only difference is that Doray explores ways on how to minimize and possibly eliminate discrimination between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Philippines.

"Doray: The Peacemaker," is the peace project of Batch 1 of the PeaceTech Ambassadors trained through PeaceTech's Formation Workshops. These workshop is composed of five modules which trains young individuals about peace education and Information Technology. This batch is called Batch Banyuhay.

The actual puppet show which runs the full script on "Doray: The Peacemaker" relates a story on how Doray, the puppet helped Sittie eliminate the wall of discrimination. Sittie, is a puppet which represents Muslims studying in the usual Christian school who encounters discrimination at times. Besides this, Batch Banyuhay also launched "Doray Claymation on Peace Education." It is an animation made of clay which talks about the similarities of both Christian and Muslims.

Here is the video on "Doray Claymation on Peace Education." The News Around Us supports these peace advocates in their aim to reach out to 100,000 people through this video.

You can learn more about PeaceTech at

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