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Maria Aragon, the YouTube singing sensation captivates the world

Another YouTube sensation is born through Maria Aragon. She is a Filipino-Canadian kid who just happen to perform a cover video and song of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." The video uploaded had just surpassed the 25 million mark as of today and will surely get more views soon.

LADY GAGA - Born This Way (Cover) by Maria Aragon

Maria Aragon also recently performed with Lady Gaga who was also amazed at her singing capability. During MAria's interview on HOT 103 in Winnipeg, Lady Gaga called into the show to tell Maria how moved she had been by her performance. Later after that on March 3, 2011, Lady Gaga and MAria performed at the Air Canada Centre in front of a full-packed audience.

Here are two more videos from Maria Aragon which showcases her singing capabilities and awesomeness.

Maria Aragon performs "Just The Way You Are" on Hot 103

Telephone Cover by Maria Aragon

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