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International Community Launches "Libya: No-Fly Zone Campaign"

As thousands of people gets killed in Libya and as Moammar Gadhafi uses brute force to quell rebellion more than 700,000 people from around the world had already signed a campaign to convince the United Nations to impose a NO FLY ZONE IN LIBYA.

"Together, we've already flooded the Security Council with messages, 'overwhelming' the President's office and helping to win serious targeted sanctions on the Libyan regime - now, to stop the bloodshed, we need a massive outcry of 1 million messages for a no-fly zone," says the campaign.

In less that 48 hours the United Nations will decide whether to impose a No Fly Zone in Libya or to maintain it's neutrality. The campaign members had already sent 450,000 mails to the UN Security Council and have contributed to win targeted sanctions and a justice process for the Libyan people.

If you want to sign and support the campaign you can sign up here

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