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Coalition Forces continues air strike in Libya amidst defiant Gadhafi

More airstrikes had been seen in Tripoli in Libya as the fourth day of the coalition forces assault continues. 110 missiles had hit Libya on the first day and to date it had destroyed several so called "military" targets including a mansion of Moammar Gadhafi. The air strike operation called "Operation Odyssey Dawn" was being participated by countries including the United States, France, Italy, Qatar, Britain and others.  Libya television is claiming that the air strikes had civilian casualties but this had been denied by the coalition.

An opposition activist even said that most of the footages shown on the government TV was scripted. According to CNN, the activist said that "when she was accompanying a cousin to a hospital for medical care when she saw a TV producer asking some people to close their eyes and play dead and others to pretend they were wounded. Some of the "wounded," she said, were soldiers in civilian garb."

So far coalition planed had flown 175 sorties in Libya and of this 113 are by U.S. planes. Despite the attacks Gadhafi labeled the aggression as terorism against LIbya and he even intensified efforts on ground assault and artillery fire against rebel controlled towns.

Gadahi's forces had also attacked the city's main hospital which houses more than 400 people and about 50% are patients. There were already confirmed deaths from this attack but as to how many it can't still be determined.

The air strikes came after the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution implementing a "No-fly-zone" in Libyan air space. The resolution and subsequent action is done in order to prevent Gadhafi from further harming civilians.

What do the rebels in Libya want?

President Barack Obama assures everyone most specially members of the Arab League that the air strikes are within the UN mandate, "We don't believe this goes beyond the resolution," said one senior administration official.

The assurance was a result of an observation of Arab League officials that airstrikes by the U.S. military and other allies inside Libya exceeded the scope of merely instituting a no-fly zone

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