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Protest in Libya Might Eventually Lead to Moammar Gadhafi's Ouster

The continued protest by Libyan opposition and bloody crackdown on protesters by the 40-year old Gadhafi regime continues in Libya. In a breaking turn of events, Eastern Libya falls to the hands of opposition and protesters as retreating army regiments burn their supplies. For the Libyan strongman his last words so far in Libyan TV says that he is not in Venezuela but is still in Tripoli, the Libyan Capital.

CNN - Eastern Libya appears to be under opposition control

Libyan state TV tries to project a still strong support for Gadhafi as they show serene concert footage and orderly rallies in support of leader Moammar Gadhafi. However, reports from CNN based on eyewitnesses accounts said that the real situation in Libya is far more chaotic. There were even order of bombing of civilians as two Libyan fighter pilots defected to Malta.

The two pilots were who flies a Mirage F1 jets Monday were ordered to conduct an air strike against civilians protesting against the regime. According to CNN, a Maltese government source said the pilots defected rather than follow orders to bomb their fellow citizens.

Tripoli is already experiencing the effects of the unrest beginning last Sunday as crowds of anti-government protesters loudly decried Libya's current government. The protesters set fires to cars and braved gunfire by uniformed and self-styled security forces.

Experts on the situation said that there is an 80% chance that Gadhafi may eventually leave the country and be ousted. They however, also indicated that the unrest and chaos in Libya might eventually continue for a certain amount of time whether the Libyan leader resigned or not.

The unrest in Libya and several other Middle Eastern and North African countries were set ablaze by the successes of the protest in Egypt and Tunisia. Social media like Twitter and Facebook had both played a major role in these protests.

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