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New Zealand Earthquake Hits Christchurch

New Zealand was hit by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake which was said to be an after shock of the September 4 quake which hit the country. That earthquake was the strongest since 1931. Files of rubble and destroyed buildings is the mane scenery at Christchurch in New Zealand. 65 people had been confirmed dead so far.

"It felt like I was running on jelly," he said. "We saw a giant rock tumble to the ground from a cliff -- a rock that had been there for millennia. It fell on the RSA (Returned Services Association, a veterans' association) building -- it was terrifying."

The quake also happened while there was a United States congressional delegation was in the city for a joint U.S.-New Zealand conference hours before the quake struck.

More info about the New Zealand earthquake HERE.

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