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President Barack Obama Not Greenest US President After All

Obama's trip to India will probably prove that President Barack Obama is not the greenest US President after all. Could you imagine President Obama bringing along 3,000 people, 40 planes and many more vehicles, helicopters and army equipment just for this trip.

The per capita carbon footprint alone of the 3,000 people entourage was calculated at 2.823 metric tons per person for this round trip. That calculation does not include other related carbon footprint of the visit which might greatly place the calculation even higher.

Using the Terrapass calculation, the website "Watts Up With That" calculated the total carbon footprint of the Obama India visit. Using the 10 person per plain capacity at Terrapass they came up with 62,238 lbs of CO2 for ten people times 300 (to make three thousand) and we get: 18, 671,400 lbs, or 9,336 short tons (2000 lbs) or 8,469 metric tons of CO2. Wow that was one big of a carbon footprint.

The sad part is that this can easily be offset by just paying around $423.45 carbon indulgence at the Chicago Climate Exchange, a carbon offset market favored by Al Gore. I am wondering how come a potential dangerous act to the planet be offsett by just paying for it. I find it dumb.

The final question is that, "Is Obama really the GREENEST US PRESIDENT?" What do you think?

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