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Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter is Over for Me

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will be the last Harry Potter movie where we will be seeing Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe said in an interview that he thinks it is enough to be Harry Potter for ten years and he plans to move on from just being tagged as Harry.

"If they did actually do another film I don't think I'd be on board. No. I think ten years is enough," says Radcliffe.

Harry Potter had been one of the most successful book series put into film. In fact Daniel Radcliffe and her two companions Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had been one of the richest young movie stars because of this movie series.

As for the Harry Potter book series it seems J. K. Rowling still has some ideas up his sleeves but Radcliffe seems not interested anymore. "J. K. Rowling pretty much promised me that she wasn't going to write any more Harry Potter books. But, subsequently, I've heard she's been quoted as saying she hasn't ruled it out. So I think the two of us have to have a very interesting conversation at some point in the near future."

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