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Attention Facebook Users: Facebook Updates its Messenging Service

Facebook users will enjoy greater integration and hassle free communication these coming days with the latest innovation that Facebook will be incorporating with its messaging service.

The new messaging service will now integrate your messaging with chat, e-mail and even with your mobile phone applications. Marck Zuckerburg and the FB design team is working on ways by which to improve interaction with its more than 500 million Facebook users. Facebook proceses about four billion messages a day.

Some of the Facebook messaging innovation according to World Correspondents includes the following:

  • Every Facebook user will get an e-mail address: If your Facebook profile is located at, your e-mail address will be
  • If you’re logged into Facebook, incoming e-mail will show up in the service’s chat service; reply to a message, and it’ll be sent as an e-mail.
  • Facebook iPhone app will notify you of e-mail and let you receive and send messages. (An Android version will come along later.)
  • You can organize the people you receive messages from into important people like family and friends, others who aren’t so improtant such as credit card companies, and Junk.
  • You can also choose to have messages from people not on your Facebook friends list bounced, period.
  • Facebook messages will be able to include file attachments; a deal with Microsoft will let you edit documents using the Office Web Apps online suite.
  • The service will go beyond threaded-message interfaces such as Gmail’s Conversations by letting you scroll back through all the communications you’ve had with a particular person via Facebook, all in one place.

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