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Philippines Brazes for More Typhoons After "Bagyong Juan" (Megi) Ravaged Northern Philippines

The first strong typhoon for this season had entered the Philippines and coincidentally it is named after one of the most popular character in Philippine folklore, "Juan", Bayong Juan with an international name of Megi inflicted heavy damage to Northern Philippines including Isabela, Cordillera and the rest of the Ilocos Region. In some areas about 90% of the infrastructure and personal housing was destroyed. You can also see whole towns being leveled down by the strong winds and rains of Bagyong Juan.

Bagyong Juan (Typhoon Megi) was also slowed down in leaving the Philippines due to high pressure, so the rains continued to pour until two days after the Typhoon hit land. More typhoons is expected to pass by the Philippines since October is just the start of the Typhoon months in the Philippines.

Here are some Bagyong Juan (Typhoon Megi) videos that we found. For the latest update on Philippine typhoons just visit the website of PAGASA.

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