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Partido Kalikasan (PK) Offers Help to Barangay and SK Leaders in Green Governance

October 25 2010. Filipinos again trooped to their precincts to elect members of their Barangay (Village) Council and young people get a chance to elect their own SK (Youth Council). We casted our votes across 48,000+ barangays nationwide. The Barangay and SK are our most basic units of governance in the country. Green Governance starts here!

Partido Kalikasan is hopeful that despite the deeply entrenched interests of patronage politics and corruption within our Barangay (village) and SK (youth council) political landscapes, that there lies hope in the many well-meaning men and women candidates and voters to further expand green governance in many of our communities today!

There are numerous best practices of community and youth-level initiatives in green governance by citizens and politicians alike that needs to be further institutionalize in the barangay and SK-level governance. The elections is an important exercise, but it is in the actual governance in between elections where the real challenge is.

The reasons why we need to shift to this sustainable development path is obvious enough in the continuing destruction of our ecological base and the growing poverty and inequality between the rich and the poor. With the country being the 4th most vulnerable to climate change impacts, and a mega-biodiverse country with very low capacity to manage these resources sustainably; our stake is high.

Many in the green movement have called on voters to select the candidates that are environment-friendly and will carry the green agenda. Our call is the same. However, we would like to extend this call to offer support to those who will be elected in the form of trainings and mentorship on green governance; starting with sharing best practices.

We offer to help winning candidates who declare in their own program of governance the following specific green agenda as well as individual citizens and citizens groups committed to monitor and support the implementation of these political agenda:

  1. Ecological solid waste management
  2. Food Security through organic agriculture & support to agrarian reform communities
  3. Non-Motorized public transport systems & full implementation of the clean air act
  4. Maintenance and development of community forest and greenbelts through rainforestation and community-based forest management approaches
  5. Development of marine & terrestrial protected areas, watersheds & riverbasins management
  6. Protection and promotion of the rights of Indigenous People to their ancestral domain claims
  7. Community-based climate change adaptation & disaster risk management programs
  8. Support to MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium) enterprises to promote green jobs/businesses
  9. Setting up of off-grid renewable energy systems for electricity and irrigation
  10. Facilitation with capacity development to ensure active community participation in all development projects decision-making (particularly on mining, biotech & toxic enterprises)
  11. Developing community capacity to effectively maximize the green courts
  12. Mobilizing and developing capacity of young people in sustainable development work

If interested, please email us and for more information you can contact:

Roy Cabonegro, Secretary General - Partido Kalikasan

Adddress:  PK HQ: 4-D Guatemala Street, Loyola Grand Villas, Quezon City

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