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USA vs Russia at FIBA World Championship 2010

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - Team USA vs Russia will be colliding head to head at the FIBA World Championship 2010 quarterfinals. The not so superstar NBA players composing Team USA will be up against a taller, agile and very physical Russian Team.

Many analysts are saying that this will be a big test for the USA and if they will win pass Russia, they might have a chance to get the title once more for the FIBA World Championship. The USA had not won a FIBA Championship since the early 1990s.

One of the biggest factors that could affect this game is the secrecy of the Russian Team. Like in the cold war the Russian team members had been less known than the Russian team knowing their American opponent. This is an added factor to the fact that the Russians are as fearless as they are tough. The scouting advantage is also with the Russians.

Would Team USA pull it out? Well, we will know later. Live games will be broadcasted via ESPN and NBC and for sure you can also find a couple online streaming.

Want to know Team Russia and Team USA check out the videos below....

Team USA vs Angola

Team Russia vs New Zealand

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