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Real Death Note Murders Solved

Real Death Note Murders Solved - You are reading it right, there is a real Death Note murder case where the killer tries to copy how Kira is killing his victims although this time he is actually doing the murder.

iAnime-Otaku shares the latest development and ultimately the resolution to a case of the Kira Murders. The said victim of the Kira or Death Note Murder is found in a park in Brussels, Belgium. According to reports the body of the victim had been mutilated and various body parts amputated.

It is not known whether this is the only murder done by the said killer which dates back to 2007. A piece of paper was found in the body with the words "Watashi wa KIRA desu" or in English "I am KIRA."

Surprisingly the suspect and perpetrator of the murder was not a single person but a group of people. On September 24, the Belgian police arrested the four men, between the ages of 22 to 24 on charges of murder.

Do you think the anime or even the manga made them do this? Share us your thoughts.

Thanks to iAnime-Otaku for sharing this news.

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