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HTML5 Balls on Google Logo September 7, 2010 (VIDEO)

HTML5 Balls on Google Logo September 7, 2010 (VIDEO) - regularly features its Google Doodle or various alterations of the Google Logo depicting occasions, events and more. This day, September 7 the Google Logo was seen by some internet users to feature disintegrating balls arranged to form the Google Logo.

Once the mouse is pointed at the logo, the whole logo will disintegrate and the balls will scatter on the screen. After a couple of minutes the balls will once again form the Google Logo. The balls is said to be done using HTML5.

Here is a video of the Google Doodle made of HTML5 Balls.

We are yet unsure as to why Google featured the HTML5 Balls as its Google Doodle for September 7. Anyone seen the same Google Logo?

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