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Filipinos Excluded in Miss Asia Pageant 2010

Filipinos Excluded in Miss Asia Pageant 2010 - Organizers of the Miss Asia Pageant 2010 had explicitly excluded Filipinos from participating in this years pageant. The event which is being organized by the Asia Television Limited or ATV which is broadcast company in Hong Kong sites the hostage crisis in Manila as the reason for the exclusion.

This is really a lame excuse and lame reason when I learn about this and should never be the case since the entire nation should not suffer from what a single person have done. The Miss Asia Pageant started in 1985 but was stopped in 2000 and was then relaunched in 2004. The pageant is regularly participated by countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam.

The organizers has this to say when asked about the exclusion of Filipinos from the Miss Asia Pageant,

"To prevent Filipino contestant feeling embarrassed after coming to HK, so they won’t be invited to compete in this pageant. Hong Kongers are still sad about this tragedy. In order to prevent Hong Kongers feeling embarrassed, this action doesn’t count as an abuse of power. We’re not discriminating Filipinos. We are considering their feelings, don’t want them to get hurt emotionally."

Do you think its fair? Do you agree with the logic and reason said by the organizers?

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