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Facebook DNS Error and Facebook Login Problems

Facebook DNS Error and Facebook Login Problems - Facebook had been down earlier today for a couple of hours due to DNS error. This is the first time that the popular networking site had experienced such a lengthy period of downtime. One of the times I experienced a downtime on Facebook was on August 18, 2009 but that was just a minute glitch.

According to reports, the Facebook DNS error was a result a technical problem with the server that prevented users from logging in. Many of the more than 500 million users of Facebook was shocked and uneasy with what they saw on Facebook. It seems that their files, photos and everything they put time on might just go to waste. Luckily, Facebook was restored after being on and off most of the day.

The common term for the Facebook dns failure is that the “server crashed.”

There is no official statement yet from Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the recent Facebook DNS error.

Some critics says that what happened today and yesterday might be a publicity stunt since the movie about Facebook, The Social Network movie is coming out in just a week.

Whatever it is, users are just happy to see that Facebook is working again.

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