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Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition Starts Monday, August 30 (Meet the Castaways)

On Monday, August 30, 2010 Philippine television will once again be so exciting as the third season of Survivor Philippines premiers on GMA 7. This season dubbed as Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown features 18 celebrities with varying talents and background. It will be an intriguing and exciting mix and we are in for a treat as they will now play a real life survivor game.

Here are th 18 Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown castaways. Let us start with the female castaways:

1. Solenn Heussaff – “The Model-Socialite”. Solenn is a a model, a socialite, an artist and entrepreneur.

2. Princess Snell – “Te Princess of Mean.". Princess is part of the Starstruck V avengers.

3. Myka Flores – “Bidang Extra” — She is one of the longest main stays of Bubble Gang. She may not be pretty but she is surely witty.

4. Michelle Madrigal – “Good Girl”. Michelle will be playing Survivor together wit his boyfriend John Hall and it is interesting to see how this would play up in this game.

5. Karen delos Reyes – “Taray Queen”. The adorable star of the McDonalds commercial is now one of the very popular anti-hero in telenovelas. How would her character play in this game.

6. Elma Muros – "The Sports Legend". Elma Muros is a medaled athlete and one of the best the country ever had in track and field. She surely is someone to reckon with.

7. Moi Bien – "Yayang ng Heartthrob". Moi is well known for her role in KimiDora and also she works as an offcam real-life personal assistant to the stars.

8. Aubrey Miles – "Sexy Mama." Aubrey Miles is one hot and sexy actress. She is indeed an intriguing addition to these pack of ladies.

9. Aira Bermudez – "Dance Goddess". Aira i a member of the well-known Sexbomb dancers and her acting capacity is also tested in Daisy Siete, the afternoon show of the Sexbomb.

Now let us go to the male castaways of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

10. Ahron Villena – "The Boy Next Door". This newly converted Kapuso since he is a former Kapamilya seems to have been given a difficult start in GMA 7. Will this be his first ever role and claim to success?

11. Akihiro Sato – "The Brapenese Hunk" The Brapanese import is now faced with the newest challenge in his life and this might be his most difficult game yet.

12. Buhawi “Buwi” Meneses – "The Rocker." Buwi is the bassist of the popular band Parokya ni Edgar and perhaps this time he is facing one great challenge in this island.

13. Ervic Vijandre - "Mr. Lonely.." Ervic is not only a basketball player because he is also the ex-boyfriend of Marian Rivera.

14. Doc Ferdz Recio – "The Wild Man." If there is a castaway that has an advantage in this game it would be him. His talent and experience in Born to Be Wild will definitely be a plus factor and an advantage.

15. Ian Batherson – "The Amboy." He is a Starstruck V finalist and if there is one reason he failed there is because he had been too straightforward, sometimes tactless, a little bratty and so much of a naughty boy.

16. Jon Hall – "Bad Boy ng Isla" Will this model be able to muscle it out to win the game and use her girlfriend, Aubrey Miles?

17. Mico Aytona – "Teen Host." Mico is the host of one of the most popular teen and IT themed TV show on GMA 7, Ka-Blog.

18. Pretty Trisza – "Drag Queen of Comedy." A stand up comedian and favorite at comedy bars.

Who are your bets? Let us look at the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown castaways once more in the video below...

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