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Northern Lights and Solar Flare 2010: More than Just the Regular Aurora Borealis

Solar Flare 2010, Just the Beginning of Massive Sun Storms - If you have watched the movie 2012, this is perhaps getting more of a reality reference with the confirmation of NASA that the Sun is undergoing major surface changes and will be experiencing the one of the biggest sun storms in its history which peaks by 2013.

As the people around the world watch the continuing display of the phenomenal Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis over the northern horizon, most of them do not know that it indicates an irregularity in the Sun's surface.

The solar flare 2010 began to be seen as specter of lights across the northern horizon of the United States and Europe beginning August 1 and will still be visible until Sunday. The sky will look pretty enlightened and shared of orange, green and violet will be very visible at night or during sunset.

NASA says however, that the solar flare 2010 which is showing intensity is just the start of many future solar flares which we will be seeing on Earth. The peak they say is around 2013. However, these sun storms might create a hazardous impact on earth.

Since sun storms and solar flares which produces the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis creates magnetic shocks and interference, a sever incidence will affect electricity and magnetic powered equipment and gadgets. The range of those affected can be your mobile phone, other communication devices and even electricity and the financial system.

Last July 16, 2010 representatives from more than 25 of the world's most technologically-advanced nations have gathered to discuss about space weather and the increasing incidence of solar flare and solar eruptions. The International Living with a Star (ILWS) meeting was held in Bremen, Germany.

Enjoy great photos of the Northern Lights (Solar Flare 2010) at THIS SITE. A great show of how the Earthh's magnetic field turns a solar storm into an eye popping display.

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