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Facebook or Blogging

Its been 2 years since i left writing blogs... i was a fan of bloggers in fact i had write so many things about anything under the sun in my multiply account ( but when facebook booms.. i was instantly hooked to the new social networking site leaving friendster and multiply behind.

Facebook was too friendly with new features including chat, status updates, etc. Not to mention twitter, I was overwhelmed placing my status everyminute, everyday when i wanted too. This lead me to forget my writing passion. I was also busy in my new job assignment being an Executive Producer. Providing one or two liner in facebook and twitter with numerous comments from everyone is a hit that i didnt have to go on phrases and paragraphs... blogging my stuff.

For a while, it made me feel that i forgot what i love doing... writing! somebody give me back my love! Well somebody gave it back... thanks to Dave D'Angelo who gave me a spot here in news around.. so for this first article, let me thank Dave personally (:

Now i will continue my blogging through this new horizon but still keep in touch with my facebook. But let me leave you with a question before i end this article...

Facebook or Blogging?