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Companies Making it Difficult for New Recruits

Some companies are making it very difficult for new employees to be hired. Although most of them posts a job vacancy, the applicant will soon find out that the aptitude test being administered is extremely difficult and is not in sync with the job he/she is applying for. A known website had offered quality psychometric test example in order to help job applicants.

With the increasing trend of unemployment in the United States and even around the world people are becoming frustrated of looking for a job and then other become even more frustrated upon seeing the tests they are about to undertake.

The Unemployment Extension Bill in the United States might not be enough to stop unemployment as more and more people becomes unemployed. The number of Americans not covered by the bill and belongs to the 99ers are now reaching an alarming number close to 4 million.

Hence, companies are being advised to give appropriate and job specific tests while job applicants are asked to really prepare for these tests so that they can answer them easily and be hired for the job.

The competition for jobs have increased ten fold due to the economic and financial crisis. Some of the major companies are even laying off workers because they can no longer afford the costs.

"It is really hard to land a job nowadays and companies really make it hard for us to be accepted by giving hard tests," says an applicant trying to land a job at a convenience store.

Owners are advising applicants to really prepare for the job and be ready. "It's really hard as well for us to look for qualified employees because many people want to be hired," says a car repair shop owner.

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