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Are you born from a boombox? Step Up 3D: The Review

Step Up 3D: The Review.

Yes i was also born from a boombox, well i think so. But No I didnt watched it in 3Dimension, only on regular movie theater because i got passes from a friend. I really waited for the 3rd installment of Step Up3D because im a dance fanatic. I love all dance movies aside from Step Up. The sequel sees the return of the characters Moose and Camille as they met Luke and the House of Pirates and set to compete in the World Jam. The story was predictable and didnt really pass on critics mind but it was the dance moves that i, and the fans were after for.

Moose was really a character as i envy his body antics especially when he did my fave part dancing with Camille with 60's song with the hiphop twist. Also the part were Moose and Pirates dance with water.

I was disappointed with the actor who played Luke (Rick Malambri). He's good looks are way too far for a filmaker and a dancer, not to mention he's not a good dancer as i thought. While the House of Pirates compete, Luke was always positioned at the back like a back-up dancer and i was really not convinced with the way he moves. I think he was miscast on the part but with his charm and beautfiul face, for sure girls were mesmerized and forget his unconvincing dance moves. On the other hand, Natalie (Sharni Vinson) was a great dancer... i really lauded her dance routines from ballet, parkour, hiphop to the tango. She was totally a hottie on the dancefloor.

But the highlight was the World Jam, dancing with LED effects on their clothes was really good. I also loved the part were they united with guys of Step Up 2. Santiago twins was comic relief especially when they throing line with the Chinese character. All in all, it was still 8 on 10 scale for dance movies. It was totally entertaining if you really are into dance genre. I would like to give credit the Director Jon Chu and especially Choreographer.