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Apple iPhone 4 White 2010 Release Update

Apple Announces Update on Apple White iPhone 4 Release - Apple through their marketing department had announced that the target release date for the White iPhone 4 by the end of August will not push through. Apple says that they are having problems with the manufacturer of the iPhone 4's glass casing and coloring.

Lens Technology had already informed Apple that they can only produce up to three iPhone 4 glass units per hour if Apple wants to ensure integrity and quality of each glass unit produce.

Apple however needs more output since the demand for the white Apple iPhone 4 will surely be great. The black iPhone 4 had already sold more than 3 million units and the iPhone 4 white might sell even more than that figure.

Apple says that unless this production issue is addressed they are unsure when the white iPhone 4 will be released. However, Apple says that the release for the white iPhone 4 will be within 2010 and they are targeting the end of the year.

So for those who want to buy the white iPhone 4 they just have to wait. Anyway share us your feedbacks regarding this issue and your comments on the white iPhone 4 and the black iPhone 4.

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