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99ers to Hold Rally for Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5

Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 Update Aug. 2 - 99ers are not loosing hope and next Sunday they will be holding a rally in NEw York to demand te United States Congress to pass a separate Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 for 99ers.

The number of those who had been unemployed for 99 weeks had reached an alarming 1.4 million Americans and they had been excluded from the signed Unemployment Extension Act of 2010.

The scheduled mass mobilization, press conference and rally will be held at the Federal Hall, 26 Wall St., New York City from 12-1 pm. The gathering is dubbed as “Keep the American Dream Alive Tier Five!” and will be attended by 99ers and other people seeking an expanded Unemployment Extension Bill.

"For those who would like to come to the rally you can contact Kian at for more information. They had set a deadline yesterday for those who want to come and make their voices heard even online," says one of the representative of the group organizing the rally.

The organizers of the Unemployment Extension Tier 5/99ers rally also developed an ongoing thread which can be found at Unemployed-Friends.

As of today, the United States Congress continues to ignore the passage of any extended Unemployment Extension Bill for a Tier 5 and for 99ers.

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