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Woman Raped at Latitude Music Festival in Suffolk

A 19-year old woman has been reportedly raped at the Latitude Music Festival in Suffolk. The women who is a Norwich was said to be raped after asking for directions.

The woman is asking directions because she want to find a toilet. While looking for the toilet, four men said they would show her the way but instead they grabbed her and raped her then run off.

The woman had already reported the event to Festival authorities and to the police. She described on of the men as white with dark curly hair, about 5ft 7in (1.70m), of medium build, possibly in his 20s and with a London accent.

Meanwhile, police have cautioned festival goers to stay with friends while at the event and asked those who had information about the incident to report to them.

Police said they were liaising with the organisers and would be carrying out inquiries on the site, including viewing CCTV recordings.

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