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United States Prepares for Red Bull Flugtag 2010

Bring on your flying machines and join the Red Bull Flugtag this summer in the United States. The Red Bull Flugtag this summer will have four events in the United States scheduled from coast to coast.

The launching event will be held in Miami Saturday, July 10th. The next event will be at Minnesota's Twin Cities on July 24th, followed by an event in Southern California;s Long Beach Harbor on August 7th. The final Red Bull Flughtag 2010 will be hosted by Philadelphia and will be on the banks of the Delaware River on September 24th.

So what is the Red Bull Flugtag?

The name Red Bull Flugtag means flying day in Germany. It is also a competition that dares both the brave and the brainy to design, build and pilot their own homemade designed flying machines through a 30-foot high ramp. Don't worry because no one will get hurt as the location of the event is always near a body of water, thus when the pilot crashes he will be safe.

The winner is not only measured by the distance his machine had achieved in flying but also by the creativity and showmanship of each flyer. If they do impress the judges then they will surely win.

Some of the regulations for the Red Bull Flugtag event includes the specification that all flying machines must be human-powered and homemade. Besides that all flying crafts made must be less than 30 feet wide and must weigh no more than 450lbs and this includes the pilot.

Red Bull Flugtag is free and open to the public. This year's Red Bull Flugtag events will be featured in a reality series called "On the Wings of Glory" airing Sundays after baseball starting September 5th on FOX Sports Networks. For more information, including photos and video footage from past Red Bull Flugtag events, visit For media inquires, contact Ellie Applen at (323) 573-5719 or

The event is sponsored by Red Bull Company by the way. Happy flying folks!

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