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Unconfirmed Reports of Ebaumsworld Hacks YouTube

Rumors are circulating online that Ebaumsworld Hacks Youtube today. The hack has something to do with malicious marquee and codes inserted on the comments of videos uploaded in YouTube. The number one video social site is resolving the issue as users reports popups and unauthorized redirects are appearing on their video site.

The attack which said to be directed at Justin Bieber's videos on YouTube had now affected other genres and videos as well. Another source says that the recent YouTube hack was done by the notorious 4chan who had also been popular for spreading rumors and hoaxes online.

The said hack on YouTube redirects users to different explicit videos and abuse, even going as far as to claim the star has passed away. A comment is said to have been found on the 4chan boards which basically claims that a member was responsible for the hacks.

To protect users from this hack, the website Electro Articles has this advise, "To protect against these attacks you can disable commenting, or only enable comments after you have reviewed them, failing that YouTube will have this all sorted within 24 hours or less."

We do hope that indeed this is better be a hoax than true. If this is true then please be very careful and avoid clicking on suspicious links and pop ups. It is better to be safe than get curious on those links.

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