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Steve Jobs Speaks at Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference About Antenna Problems (Full Video)

Apple iPhone 4 is the Best, Denies Antennagate - As if the Hitler of the business world, Steve Jobs, President and CEO of Apple called for an emergency Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference, Friday to discuss and answer the hounding issues regarding the iPhone 4's antenna and signal problems.

“We’re not perfect. Phone’s aren’t perfect. We want to make all our users happy,” says the first slide of the presentation of Steve Jobs during the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference. This is a prelude to a presentation which will go on to show the capability and credibility of Apple and the presence of the same issues in other competitor phones like the Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II.

The fact however is that Steve Jobs admits that he knows the antenna issue before the launching and release of the iPhone 4. He also admitted that he personally believes that this is a non-issue and goes on to blame the media for blowing the issue out of proportions.

"Apple has been around 30 years. Haven’t we earned the credibility and trust that we’re going to take care of our users?" Steve Jobs asks the more than a hundred members of the media and other guests present at the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference whom we suppose expect more than a rant from Steve Jobs.

The solution that Apple decided to offer in the end is to give and send away free bumper cases to all users. They will make them available until September 30, 2010. Steve Jobs have also encouraged iPhone 4 users to update to the latest iOS 4.0.1.

Summarizing the whole rant which can be seen below, Steve Jobs slams into users faces and even the media that Smartphones have weak spots, Applecare isn't getting slammed with complaints, return rates are "super low" and it drops less than 1 call per 100 more than the 3Gs. So there are no problems at all.

What do you think of the Apple response to the Apple iPhone 4 issues at the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference? By the way Steve Jobs also informed everyone that Apple had already sold 3,000,000 units of iPhone 4.

Meanwhile for those who are not given the luxury to watch how Steve Jobs and Apple rant on the problem presented by consumers here are the full video of the Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference courtesy of DeAchtergrondNL's Channel.

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