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Republicans Denies Passage of US Unemployment Extension Bill, July 15

Unemployment Extension Tier 5 July 15, 2010 Update - The Republican Party in the US Senate and Congress denies the passage of the Unemployment Extension Bill which many hopes will give a Tier 5 extension. However, we are releasing this update to tell everyone that both the Unemployment Extension 2010 and HB 4213 “Tax Extenders Bill” does not include a "Tier 5" provision.

What the bill extends is the COBRA subsidies along with the current tiers until November 30, 2010. Physician reimbursements from Medicare will also be kept at a relatively affordable and low level, well that will happen if the bills get passed.

Apparently the Democrats cannot achieved the required 60 votes in the Senate since the passing of Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia. Governor Manchin says that he could appoint an interim senator to replace Byrd by Friday at 5 p.m. ET or by Sunday the latest, until then the Democrats will have a hard time passing the bill.

Labor Secretary Joins Senators Urging GOP Stop Blocking Unemployment Benefits

State authorities are however looking into possible ways to have an Unemployment Extension Tier 5 in order to help ease the growing unemployment in some key states. Workers on other states had been offered an extension of unemployment benefits even extension through tier 5 but this will depend on the state's individual unemployment rate.

Those seeking to apply or acquire further information of a possible unemployment extension tier 5 are advised to visit their State's Unemployment Office and inquire personally. Some states had been seen to give the extension even without the approval of a bill through US Federal legislation.

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