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Republican Representative Mike Pence Supports Unemployment Extension (VIDEO)

Unemployment Extension Bill Update - Republican and GOP Representative Mike Pence (R) 6th District fully supports the Unemployment Extension Bill and the Unemployment Extension Tier 5 in Congress. He is supporting the bill despite the fact that Mike Pence is a member of the Republican leadership in Congress.

As the unemployment benefits of citizens across the United State expired on June 30, 2010, members of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate denied passage of the Unemployment Extension Bill. This denial is despite the fact that most Americans need the extension in order to survive from the growing unemployment problems in the United States.

Until today, Unemployment Extension 2010 and HB 4213 “Tax Extenders Bill” does not include a COBRA health insurance subsidy or Tier 5 unemployment extension that would provide additional weeks of unemployment for the 99ers - the unemployed workers who have exhausted all unemployment benefits.

Meanwhile here is Rep. Mike Pence as he explains why he was in favor for unemployment extensions.

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