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Paul The Octopus Predicts World Cup 2010 Champion is Spain

The clairvoyant and oracle Paul The Octopus (although I don't believe in that) predicts the winners of the World Cup 2010 matches between Uruguay vs Germany and Spain vs Netherlands. The game beteen Uruguay and Germany, Paul The Octopus picked Germany. Perhaps he is afraid of more death threats.

During the second lowering of tanks as seen in the video below, Paul The Octopus did not hesitate and leap immediately into the tank with the flag of Spain. He then slowly opened the cap and eat the food in it. Prediction says that Spain will be the 2010 World Cup Champions.

Paul the Octopus had been predicting German games since the European Championship in 2008 where Spain wins. There is no mention though of the predictions of the octopus during that match.

The famous octopus who predicts World Cup games is housed in a German Aquarium and became an international sensation during the World Cup for consistently predicting the results of Germany’s games.

Would the octopus be right this time? Would Uruguay and Spain win? Do you believe thay Paul the Octopus is really a psychic Octopus? Well, let's wait and see.

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