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Obama Deception Censored; Fall of the Republic Also Deleted

Alex Jones Addresses Issue on - Two days ago we have reported about the intriguing movie of Alex Jones entitled, Obama Deception. Although I personally do not subscribe to Jones' allegation and is yet to watch the movie it intrigued me to know that ChangeDaChannel, the YouTube channel which features the video had been hacked and the movies were deleted.

Fall of the Republic, another Alex Jones video which also dwell on President Barack Obama was also removed from YouTube. Effectively by deleting these two videos all the previous links on the web had been rendered dead.

Alex Jone's Facebook page was also deleted and banned. The social networking giant said that all material containing images of the famous Gadsden flag was ordered deleted by the social networking giant. For what reason are they being deleted? Well, we do not know yet.

Below is the video of Alex Jone's on as he reacts and give statement about the Obama Deception censored event. For those who have not watched the Obama Deception full move we have updated our video link here.

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