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Mel Gibson Racist Rant: Public or Private (Listen to Audio)

Mel Gibson made some disturbing remarks as he speaks to the mother of her love child, Oksana Grigorieva. The concentration of the rant was regarding his ex-girlfriend's fake breast and how she wore her attire.

There are a lot of "F" words to what Mel Gibson has to say and also the N-word and lots of derogatory phrases. You would not think that Mel Gibson can say such words. He was so kind in his movies and in appearance.

However, should we judge Mel Gibson based on what we have heard? Is the audio recording even legal? released this exclusive audio for public listening and many have already passed judgement on Mel Gibson. The thing however is, Gibson seems to be very enraged during the conversation.

Aside from the audio recording, there was also an alleged assault of Gibson to his ex-girlfriend. This allegation however is yet to be confirmed.

So do you think we should judge Mel Gibson just through this audio tape? What do you think?

Here is the audio recording, be warned however that the language in the audio is really not for the usual conversation and is very disturbing.

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