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Mariel Rodrigues Inlove with Robin Padilla

Mariel Rodrgiez admits that she loves Robin Padilla through a tweet on her twitter account. Her status update says, "I love Robin Padilla,". This was also evidenced by a news gossip provided by Pinoy Gossip Boy.

There had been rumors circulating that indeed Mariel Rivera and Robin Padilla were already in a relationship but the two has to confirm this personally and straightforward.

All that Mariel and Robin are saying now are indirect propositions that indeed they are a hot item and in a relationship. Queenie, daughter of actor Robin Padilla also admitted that her father is spending more time with Mariel.

Mariel Rodrigues is the former girlfriend of Pinoy hunk Zanjoe Marudo.

So what do you think? Are you in favor of a Mariel-Robin relationship?

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