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LeBron James Says He's Gay

LeBron James is Gay - Well that is what he said in an edited and spliced video of LeBron James "The Decision" interview at ESPN. LeBron is asked when did he decided about it and whether his team mates know it. James responded to these questions with a few very intriguing remarks.

The "LeBron James is Gay" video are part of the growing sentiment against the former Cleveland superstar LeBron James who recently decided to sign for the Miami Heat.

In Cleveland, a LeBron James mural is being removed from downtown Cleveland while in and other online store the price of LeBron James #23 jersey shirts had dropped more than 500 percent. There was even an incident of former fans burning the jersey of James.

The "legendary" NBA player may have gone so much with their marketing tactics that it might have pissed off many fans. Here is the controversial video entitled, "LeBron James Is Gay!"

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