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iPhone 4 Recall A Possibility

There are now discussions about a major recall for the iPhone 4 within Apple and with Steve Jobs. The recall might be triggered with the problem being encountered by the iPhone regarding its signal strength instability.

Complaints from users signify that once someone touches the left side of the phone either on normal use or on call, it will make the signal drop to zero thereby causing the call to be dropped.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO earlier today twitted about the possible iPhone 4 recall, "We may have to recall the new iPhone. This I did not expect."

The current problem of the iPhone 4 may had been caused by a rushed release following the leak in the design and specifications of the phone under development, the result is an under quality phone.

If you have already purchased an iPhone 4 and also encounter problems with the signal or any other problem please post a comment and share your experience.

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