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Good Morning America Guests YouTube's Mean Girl Jessi Slaughter

Good Morning America features an exclusive on-cam interview with the hottest mean girl on YouTube, kerligirl13 also known as Jessi Slaughter. The 11-year old girl who use to post hatred and profoundly-worded videos on YouTube seems to be playing the victim now of cyber bullying.

Jessi Slaughter says that she had received numerous death threats, hate videos and hate comments on YouTube and on the internet which prompted her to post a video crying with her father ranting on the background.

Good Morning America features a backgrounder on the story of Jessi Slaughter and also a provocative interview on why kerligirl13 post those videos. Jessi Slaughter said that she had nothing more to say and such obscene words came out of her mouth naturally.

Watch the exclusive interview of Good Morning America on Jessi Slaughter below then tell us what you think. Was it a case of cyber bullying or was it just a feedback for what she did on her videos?

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