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Ebaumbsworld Behind Attacks on Bieber, YouTube and Wikipedia

Ebaums Hacking Spree Continue - It seems that the hacking spree of Ebaumsworld is indeed continuing until today. There are still reports of affected Justin Bieber and even Jonas Brothers videos. An online news site also revealed that last July 4, 2010 Ebaums and 4Chan joined together to launch "Operation Porn Day."

Operation Porn Day is said to involve uploading explicit clips to YouTube using catchy and high traffic tags like Justine Bieber, 4th of July, Jonas Brothers and more. YouTube had already removed many of the clips but it will take time before the entire network is cleaned up of this operation mess.

A lot of the clips according to YouTub contain 20 to 30 seconds of seemingly legitimate video content until it begins to become nasty and something more.

"It may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site," Google spokesperson Scott Rubin said. "Typically, this should not take more than a couple of days, but the videos themselves are no longer viewable."

YouTube is now under Google management after YouTube original owners sold their rights to Google. Google also advise YouTube visitors to be very careful on clicking links on YouTube videos and avoid those scrupulous or suspicious. They are also advising users to install the latest update of their virus OS so that they can be protected from any harm.

Ebaumsworld also known as eBaum's World "Media for The Masses" is a website based in Rochester, New York featuring entertainment media such as videos, Flash cartoons and web games. It is controversial for many reasons, primarily because much of the content on the website is taken from other sources without permission and rebranded with the eBaum's World logo.

Meanwhile 4Chan is a bulletin board type website which had been linked to many hoaxes being originated and popularized in the BBS system and then leaking it for public consumption.

Be careful folks and be an informed netizen!

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