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BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: New Cap Put on Oil Spill Well

BP Oil Spill News: New Oil Cap Installed - BP Oil had installed a new and tighter cap on the gushing oil at the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill which had reached the inner parts of New Orleans had prompted BP and the authorities to act with drastic measures to contain the oil. (Photo courtesy of Reuters and Yahoo! News)

The new metal cap is about 18-foot-high and weighs 150,000 pounds. The cap will be tested and monitored 24/7 to see if it can withstand pressure from the oil and gas. The test will involve closing off three separate valves that fit together snugly like pairs of fists, choking off the oil and blocking it from entering the Gulf.

The newly installed cap will also for the first time capture all of the oil gushing out BP's deepwater rig exploded in April. The BP Oil Spill Live feed was able to capture the lowering and sealing of the cap Monday. Those who are watching the BP Oil Spill live feed welcomed and applauded the latest development but many says that there are lots of things to be done.

Oil will still be gushing but it will be tremendously shut and will allow BP to funnel the gushing oil into vessels station near the oil rig. BP is building two relief wells in order to permanently fix the problem, however, this well will not be operational until mid-August.

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