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Athletic Director Damon Evans and Courtney Fuhrmann Arrested Over Drank Driving

Damon Evans, University of Georgia Athletic director was arrested together with Courtney Fuhrmann, a 28-year old woman for drunk driving. Evans who is seeking a five year renewal of contract with the University of Georgia plus Evans heads a campaign against drunk driving.

The incident delivers a question on Damon Evans integrity to launch and head such a campaign where himself is a violator. It was a common mistake by those who drink to drive their way home but that is also unlawful and dangerous. Worst is Evans brought with her another person, Courtney Fuhrmann.

Courtney Fuhrmann was also charged by the police for unruly behavior during the arrest thus aggravating the situation further. The state trooper who pulled Evans over indicated that he could smell alcohol and he administered a sobriety test. The reason Evans was pulled over initially was for driving erratically. Once Evans failed the sobriety test, he was arrested, charged with DUI and failure to maintain a lane.

It is yet unclear whether the University of Georgia will put sanctions on Evans.

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