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World Cup 2010 Updates: World Cup Tie Breaker and Referee Scandal

( A picture made on June 18, 2010 shows main French newspapers' pages condemning France football team and coach Raymond Domenech, after their 2-0 World Cup defeat by Mexico left them on the verge of an early exit. (Photo credit PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

"Lamentable!" "Impostors!" Those were the words coming directly from newspapers in France after the 2-0 Mexico vs France match two days ago. It was indeed lamentable as it seems France has the power to really have a good shot at the World Cup 2010. Now they are tied with South Africa as Uruguay and Mexico leads the pack at Group A.

There was no excitement, no force and no team work in the France team. Mexico, who was more intact and have no infightings within them get the most out of the situation and defeated France. Now France has to win against South Africa on June 22 at Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein. In order to have a shot they must win big against them. What if they lost? Then it is surely the end of them.

In another controversial issue, England was suffering from the same lamentable performance as France. England failed to score any goal against Algeria in their game yesterday at Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town. The fire and power of England seems to be absent during the game. The benefactors of what is happening plus the bad officiating of the referee is underdog Slovenia who now leads Group C with 4 points.

Ties in Group C which might force a World Cup tie breaker is England and the United States. The United States who should have won their match against Slovenia, 3-2 settled for a tie. This happened after the referee called off a goal sighting that there was an obstruction. A review of the video however reveals that there was no such obstruction.

USA vs Slovenia Controversial Stolen Goal by the Referee Fifa World Cup 2010

Koman Coulibaly, a Malian World Cup 2010 was the controversial referee between the stolen goal from the United States. However, World Cup fans that's not all, he is also the one behind the controversial lose of Germany to Serbia earlier. Serbia defeated Germany, 1-0 amidst controversial calls from Coulibaly.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 officials are now reviewing the performance of Coulibaly and had issued an order that he will no longer be officiating for any of the World Cup 2010 remaining games.

Whatever the controversy is and whatever is happening, the main thing is that everything is turning out to be a very interesting World Cup 2010. It seems all the competing teams have chances of winning it this year. Well, there is a team at the moment which is showing its power, Argentina. Who knows, Argentina might be World Cup 2010 champions and you heard it first here.

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