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Watch Out for Rubicon AMC

Rubicon AMC will be a new TV series to be shown on AMC. AMC had been very successful with its original series Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Rubicon will start airing with its premier episode on August 1, 2008 and AMC hopes to make it into another successful series.

Rubicon is about an intelligence analyst who suddenly found out the the persons and company who employs him are part of a secret society that manipulates world events into their favor. The Rubicon debut episode will be entitled "Gone in the Teeth", a 46-minute long episode was aired after the season 3 finale of Breaking Bad.

Rubicon Promotional Video

The potential good series is now in potential danger after the supposed show trick made AMC fans angry since they were tricked into watching a new series which they though was part of Breaking Bad all along. The pilot episode of Rubicon was immediately aired following the last scene of 'Breaking Bad', causing the estimated 25 Million viewers to become angry, as reports say.

Despite these facts Rubicon still has a bright future and AMC fans may see the light and support the series since it was not intentional and they did not lost anything wile watching it.

Rubicon AMC stars James Badge Dale, Lili Taylor, Miranda Richardson, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Evan Welch, Paul Butler and Peter Gerety.

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