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Video of Student Sleeping Behind Obama

A student of Kalamazoo Central school was caught sleeping behind Obama as the president delivers his Commencement Rights speech. The charismatic president who inspired millions of people and garnered an unprecedented victory in the United States fails to keep the student awake.

The students actions was really something to be look at. As Obama made the best delivery for his Graduation Speech, the student at the back had a hard time keeping himself awake. He tries everything just to be awake but to no avail. He was even caught leaning back and then clasping his face with his hand but it seems he really needs a good sleep.

The said sleeping student was to be admired as well for his guts to sleep during a speec of President Obama but also because he managed to clap when clapping is needed. An annoyed girl sitting beside him seems not to like his behavior, who would?

Here is the video of the famous "Obama Sleeping Student"

As the video becomes available on YouTube it become viral and had created a fanbase. One of the unofficial Facebook group, "the guy sleeping behind obama at kalamazoo graduation" already had 4,000 members. The video was circulated around the web and was the topic of local and international news agency, blogs and social networks. The search for "sleeping student" and "obama sleeping graduation" also soared on Google.

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