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Seattle Cop Punches Girl in Face Video Uproar

A cell phone video of a Seatlle police punching a 17-year-old girl created a debate and discussion on the increasing use of violence by US lawmakers and police officers. The video which can be viewed in this article is shot by a bystander through his low-quality mobile phone video.

The video if you will be ultra human rights activist might say that the officer indeed violated the rights of the woman in the video. However, seeing the video from the beginning makes me thing that the woman and her group first harassed the police officer and resist arrest. This action made the police officer decide to make more decisive moves.

The video below shows a young woman resisting Officer Ian P. Walsh, who was citing the woman and a friend Monday for jaywalking. Her friend attempts to intervene, inserting herself between the officer and her friend and grabbing the officer's arm. That's the moment when the officer punches her in the face.

An investigation was already launched by the Seattle community leaders and says that the police officer might have over reacted. Seattle Pollice Officer Guild President Rich O'Neil however has a different view regarding the issue. He says that by looking at the video closely everyone will see that the use of force was appropriate.

You decide... was it right or wrong? Let us know your opinion.

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