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Paranormal Activity 2 Official Movie Trailer Released

Paramount Pictures had just released the trailer of Paranormal Activity 2. Paranormal Activity began as an independent film with a very low budget. Oren Peli was the director of the film and he was a neophyte director. The pattern of the movie and the way it was shot was based on first person storytelling like that of "The Blair Wicth Project".

It was not even released for major cinemas. Then the makers made a guerrilla marketing which ensured the stunning success of the movie. The first release however of the movie was through DVD and Blu-ray Disc on December 29, 2009.

The release included an alternate ending to the theatrical version, in which Katie slits her own throat in front of the camera, then collapses to the floor.

When Paranormal Activity was finally released on the big screen it ended up earning a huge sum of money. To date the film has grossed $107,918,810 domestically and $85,379,199 in foreign markets, with a total gross of $193,298,009

Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel is planned to be released on October 22, 2010. Michael R. Perry is the screenwriter of the sequel and Oren Peli will be producing the sequel. The full cast for Paranormal Activity 1 is expected to make a return for this sequel.

Paranormal Activity 2 will be directed by Tod "Kip" Williams. Production of the sequel mbegan last May 2010.

Here is the official teaser trailer of Paranormal Activity 2 as seen with the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse upon its release on June 30, 2010.

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