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Oklahoma City Flooding Takes Residents by Surprise

By Monday water had started to recede in what is to be called the surprising Oklahoma City flooding. Residents of several counties in Oklahoma were caught by surprise of the flooding saying that they have never experienced such an event before.

Flood warnings still remains in effect for several counties in southern and southwestern Oklahoma, and the bad news is there might be more thunderstorms that might trigger another flooding.

Dozens of houses were flooded, vehicles stranded, impassable streets and more were the scenery of Oklahoma during the flooding. Thousands of people were even displaced during one of the worst flooding in the city's history.

"I've never seen it like this," said resident Jan Tipton. "This is incredible."

"This is the most flooding that I've had since I've lived here," said Cobb, who moved into the house in 1987.

Last month Oklahoma city also experienced the worst hailstorm in about 40 to 60n years.

Lt. Gov. Jari Askins had already declared a state of emergency for the 59 Oklahoma counties affected by the storms.

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