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Mexico vs Uruguay 2010: A World Cup 2010 Cliffhanger

Mexico vs Uruguay 2010 will surely be a World Cup 2010 match to be remembered. This match will either seal or open a path for South Africa or France which also faces each other today at 10:00 EDT. Mexico and Uruguay each has 4 points and a draw will surely give them both a ticket to the next round.

We are sure the South Africa and France are praying hard so that either of this team loses today. It will however be a difficult match and no one want to lose and meet Argentina on the next round. The 2nd placer in Group A will meet the top rank team of Group B which will surely be Argentina. Argentina had been doing very well in their games and surely no one wants to face them yet.

Mexico had a very good match against South Africa with a 1-1 tie in the opening match and then later on defeating France, 2-0. If offense will be the sole basis of todays game, Mexico will have the edge against Uruguay.

However, Uruguay is the ultimate nemesis of Mexico since they are a defensive team. Since the opening match with France, 0-0 and after that with South Africa, 3-0 they have never let their opponents score against them. They defense is quite superb and will be a problem for Mexico.

Here are some predictions for this game:

1. If Uruguay has its defensive game on a balance match, it would be 0-0.
2. If Uruguay has its defensive game on an unbalance match, it would be 1-0 Uruguay.
3. If Mexico will have its offensive game, it would on a balance match be 1-1.
4. If Mexico will have its offensive game on an unbalanced match, it be 2-1 Mexico.

These scenarios are at play so what will happen? Let us find out later today. You can view the World Cup 2010 free live stream of the Mexico vs Uruguay 2010 and other World Cup 2010 matches via the NEWS AROUND US FIFA LIVE FEEDS.

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