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The Karate Kid Peaks Top Spot in US Blockbusters

The not so sequel and not so remake, "The Karate Kid" featuring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan had raked in $56 million in its opening. It seems that it might just be as hip and as successful as its predecessor.

"The Karate Kid" despite being called a remake cannot be claimed as such because the storyline is way too different and what Jackie Chan teaches the boy was not Karate but Kung Fu. The movie unset the three weeks No. 1 record holder, DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek Forever After" and move to number 3. That is however after Shrek raked in more than $200 million in box office gross sales.

The second spot was claimed by the Big Screen adaptation of the 1980s popular series, "The A-Team." The A-Team grossed $26 million. It is released under 20th Century Fox.

With the statistics of The Karate Kid on opening day, Jaden Smith seems to be near the class of his father Will Smith in his first lead role. Will Smith's two films however debut bigger than his son's movie. These films are "I Am Legend" at $77.2 million and "Hancock" at $62.6 million). Interestingly, Jaden Smith's parents are the producers of "The Karate Kid." Not bad for the family indeed.

THE KARATE KID - Official Trailer [HQ]

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