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Floyd Mayweather Avoids Pacquiao, Retires for 2 Years

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao agreed to the conditions set forth by the camp of Floyd Mayweather setting the way ready for their long anticipated match. But it seems Mayweather is not yet up for a battle with the Pound-for-Pound King, as Mayweather announced during an appearance at Make-a-Wish foundation that he would be taking 'a year or two' off from the sport of boxing.

If we will remember Mayweather returned to boxing early 2009 when Pacquiao is getting the limelight from the boxing world and Floyd says he is still the man to beat. Mayweather went to fight boxers like Hatton and Cotto which Pacquiao also defeated.

When it seems the fight is all set for the two of them Floyd Mayweather makes accusations and sets conditions for Team Pacquiao. Then finally this year Pacman is all set to agree on Mayweather's tearms and now he takes a leave.

"I do not know what the future holds," Mayweather says during the show. This comment also came at a time when the two opposing camps were already negotiating behind close doors and it looks already like a done deal.

It was also made available that Golden Boy and Top Rank was not made clear about the plans of Mayweather. Boxing experts says that this latest development made it appear that Floyd Mayweather is avoiding Pacquiao. He is worry that Manny would hand him his first career loss.

So who will be the next opponent of Manny Pacquiao? Experts says it would be either be Antonio Margarito or Miguel Cotto.

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