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Father's Day Quotes: A Father's Day Message

Today, June 21 is Father's Day. It is a day celebrated around the world during the third Sunday of May. Sons, daughters and spouses usually surprise their dad and the man at the home. The man who is the basic foundation of the family. He is the strength of every home. He is the provider. He is the Father.

I am a Father too and in behalf of News Around Us, a blog which had been providing relevant news and information worldwide, I would like to greet all the dads out there, a Happy Father's Day!

I know that being a father is hard, well who says it will be easy. Raising your children to be good and responsible is a hard and daunting task. Your children may resist it at times and they will reason out but as a father you must hold the ground and teach them what is right and wrong. A father's duty and image can never be replaced by someone else.

His presence cannot be supplanted by a mere male person in the house like in the case of broken families or of step fathers. The original and real father of a child will always be his one and only father. Why? Simply because he is his own blood, gene, and descendant. They have the linked between each other that can never be broken and can never be replaced.

There is one thing that I can say to everyone who still has a father, that is love them with all your heart and might because you will never know how hard it is to lost a father until you actually lost him.

This Father's Day give him something that is simple and is from your heart. Show him how important he is to your life. Remember that showing the love for a father does not end on Father's Day for it should always be shown to him and of course to our mother. Remember that a home will never be a home if not for a mother and a father, our parents.

Let me again greet you HAPPY FATHER'S DAY by leaving the song which I always remember on Father's Day, it is "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens... a song with a strong Father's Day message in it.

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