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Armageddon 2012: Apocalypse Island, Sun Storms and More

In two years it will be 2012. Many are still confused if the Apocalypse scenario brought by 2012 will be real. Will we really experience doomsday on December 21, 2012? In May 2010, the History Channel shows a documentary entitled the “Apocalypse Island.”

The documentary is an investigation into the 2012 scenario as it relates to Mayan artifacts. In order to relate this, Jim Turner went to this island in the Pacific called, "Apocalypse Island." The island is said to be about several hundred miles west of Santiago in Chile.

While doing my research online to further see the data on this trending topic in Google, I found very little information about Apocalypse Island, even Wikipedia has no entry for this topic or place.

I am sharing a video I have seen in the History Channel which talks about this island and airs it as part of the episode of its Armageddon series. According to the documentary, this remote island and it's supposed Mayan relic is the only place to view the 2012 lunar eclipse in the Western Hemisphere. The place is also said to be the place foretold where the gods or God would finally come to Earth and observe the final minutes of civilization.

2012 Rare Phenomenon seen at Apocalypse Island: 
Total solar eclipse and Venus passing over the Sun

This is a quite interesting documentary since some facts do really have something to do with 2012 although most scientists says that nothing of the "Armageddon" type will do happen in 2012. For one it is true that the Mayan, Incan, Aztec and other old calendars end in 2012 and for some it signifies the start of a new era. If the calendars will be studies start of new era means a new beginning and evidences in those calendars says that some of these era include the two ice ages which signifies a major shift on Earth.

For those who want to watch the History Channel Armageddon: Apocalypse Island episode CLICK HERE.

Aside from that, there was a scientific observation that there will be increasing solar storm activities beginning 2010 and reaching its peak on 2012. If the movie 2012 will be referenced, the same reason for the Armageddon in the movie is because the solar emissions affected the melting of the Earth's core.

Dec 21, 2012 - End of the World? - Part 1 of 6
(from History Channel)

Interesting facts and interesting videos and concepts but the main thing to really do is always be prepared and look forward to a good day. In each day whether there is Apocalypse or no Apocalypse our life could end.

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